LakeVue North Rules & Information

  •  We do not accept Credit or Debit Cards      

  • ATM machine on site 

  • All golfers must be over 18 years old until 12:00 PM on weekends

  • No Single golfers until 12:30 PM on Weekends

  • Must be 20 or older to operate golf carts

  • All prices are 2 golfers to a cart, 2~somes wishing separate carts will have an additional charge per person

  • We reserve the right to group 2~somes together with    another 2~some on weekends

  • Each golfer must have their own golf bag

  • No 5~Somes permitted

  • Extra riders not permitted  (non-golfers)

  • Proper golf attire required (shirts must have sleeves, no bare mid~drifts etc.)

  • Proper soft~spiked golf shoes or soft~soled sneakers required (no work boots, cowboy boots etc.)

  • Over 90 years old ~ golf is on us                                                              (weekdays only ~ cart fee will apply)

  • Young Golfers ages 3 to 12 ~ golf is on us with Paid Adult          (cart fee will apply)

  • Junior Golfers ages 13 to 17 ~ $5 off  (see Junior golf page)

  • Last cart for 18 Holes is 1:00 PM  ~ 9 Holes is 3:00 PM

  • Please call ahead for Tee Times everyday


Gift Certificates Available

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